Saturday, March 24, 2012

Club Plasir Race and Picnic

My first, and most likely last, slalom race!  I did come in last, but I did not fall, and the next contestant didn't "lap" me, so I consider it a victory!

Silas listens for his results.

Casse Croute

Snow Bar!

(note the box wine!)

Silas and his good friend Meo.

Sagey marches up a hill and slides down (fully geared still), and still full of energy.

Sagey and some ski pals.

Checking out the prizes.....

WOW! Sagey won the gold, girls microbe!!!!

Silver metal! Boys poussin

Ooooops, wrong metal! They take the gold off Silas and replace it with the silver!   Morgane seems to think this is HILARIOUS (luckily, Silas does too.....)

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sylvie said...

Looks like a great day. I love the snow "bar".